Eggy Car

Eggy Car

Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a unique driving game where the player's task is to drive a small car that transports an egg on an undulating road. A plus point for this game is the cute graphic design, smooth object movement, and catchy background music, which further enhances the irresistible appeal of this game.

The egg is very fragile and easily falls out of the car, so the player must control the car's speed very skillfully. Besides, another thing that players need to pay attention to is collecting coins and helping icons along the way. The more coins you collect, the more cars you can open.

Eggy Car is very easy to play, and it also teaches you to be careful, enjoy it, and see how far you can take the egg.

How To Play

  • To move forward, press D or the right arrow key.
  • To move backward, press A or the left arrow key.

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