Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online

In Penalty Kick Online, you play as a football player facing penalty kicks. You and your opponent take turns trying to score goals. You have 15 chances to score as many goals as possible.

How To Play

Game Rules:

In this free-kick game, you'll take on the role of a player facing penalty kicks. Remember, you have 15 shots, so make the most of them and aim to score as many goals as you can. Your objective is to shoot the ball above the opposing goalkeeper's crossbar. By collecting trophies, you can showcase your online gaming achievements.  If it's your first shot and you score, you'll get an extra chance by solving a math problem correctly. The game gets more challenging as you face more goalkeepers in each level! The team with the most goals after five rounds wins the game.


  • As the kicker, use your mouse to click and swipe on the ball to take a shot. Be mindful of not swiping too far and missing the target.
  • As the goalkeeper, move your cursor to block the shot.
  • Earn achievements to fill your trophy case and showcase your online rank.


A helpful tip for playing as a goalkeeper is to block the soccer ball with the heels of your hands instead of just fingertips. Playing as a goalie can be challenging, and aiming slightly above the ball may yield better results if you're struggling to block shots.



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