Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up! is a platform thrilling game with many exciting adventures waiting for players to explore and experience.

Immerse yourself in a virtual world filled with dangerous traps and towering, suspended objects. With excellent graphics and sound, players will discover interesting things at high altitudes by having the character jump onto platforms while avoiding obstacles so as not to fall down. 

The fast-paced game requires you to be skilled and courageous to be able to accompany Grimace to explore the sky. You are gradually going up, so be careful not to fall to the ground. Although your character will be okay, you will have to start the jumping journey again to continue exploring.

How To Play

  • Only with the keyboard can you explore every sky with Grimace, specifically using the WASD key to move the character and the space bar to help the character jump high.

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