X Trench Run

X Trench Run

X Trench Run

X Trench Run is a highly entertaining, fast-paced action simulation game. This virtual online space has many hidden dangers, so players moving in space need to carefully detect them while avoiding collisions and shooting to destroy floating buildings. 

One thing to note is to carefully move skillfully and use a variety of weapons if you want your ship to be safe. Your warship is increasingly entering enemy territory; to protect yourself, you need to disable the laser gates and advance to destroy the boss. 

The journey in this game is not inferior to the experience in Among Us, Subway Santa Princess Runner, and Electron Dash. So join this exciting game now to have great experiences in your free time.

How To Play

  • The WASD/arrow keys are indispensable when playing this game; they will help you move in space.
  • To attack enemies, use the spacebar or left mouse.
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