Doll Cake Bakery Shop

Doll Cake Bakery Shop

Doll Cake Bakery Shop

Doll Cake Bakery Shop is a simulation game inspired by real-life bakeries, so it is going to give players a fun experience like being in a real bakery. In this game, there are many items described, like the actual baking process, with beautiful graphics and catchy music, promising to bring players a wonderful experience.

What kind of cake do you prefer? There are so many types of cakes for players to have options to choose from, like strawberry cake, vanilla cake, pineapple cake, chocolate cake, and caramel apple cake. Just follow these four simple steps to create stunning cakes: Go to the store, bake your favorites, and then decorate them with Doll Cake Bakery Shop. Show us the cupcakes you made.

How To Play

  • Choose using the mouse as directed by the game.

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