Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks Game is a super fun rugby game where you can practice your kicking-the-ball skills and create beautiful divine shots. 

Before participating in the round on the realistic 3D field, players need to choose the shirt color according to the name of the country where they will take on the important task of winning for their home country.

In essence, to play this rugby game, you just need to align the angle, adjust the force, pay attention to the time, and perform spectacular kicks to score as many points as possible, but the game doesn't stop there. 

It makes it difficult for you with shields because they will block your ball, and also the wind direction; pay attention to them because they can cause your ball to be blown away.

This game gives you three balls; each time you miss a kick, you will lose one, but if you hit the target, your balls are still preserved, and you get a bonus kick.

How To Play

  • Let’s use the spacebar to shoot.

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